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Long Reader

Inspire a Child to Read 

Here are tricks of the trade from a veteran Kindergarten Teacher.

Presentation Components:

            Children's Interests, Talents, Gifts


                 Reading, Writing, Science,

                 Math, Social Studies

            Independence Skills

            Social/Emotional Skills

            Fine Motor Skills

            Language Skills

            Behavior Skills

            School Readiness

Time:   60-90 Minutes

Target Audience:

            Parents-Birth through Kindergarten

            Parent Organizations

            Human Resources Presentations for

                Parent Employees

 Past Experience:

            20 Teaching Kindergarten 

            400+ Parent Conferences


Presentation Components:

            Read to Your Child

            Talk About Books

            Talk About Words

            Book Selection

            Book Care

            Book's As Presents

            Library Habit

            Encourage Writing

            Write Authenticallly

            Model Reading Behavior


Time:   30-60 Minutes

Target Audience:

            PK & Elementary School Parents

            PTA Programs

            Parent Organizations

            Home School Organizations


Past Experience:

            Reading Superhero!


Concrete steps to help your

child become a voracious reader.

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